We’ve intentionally created a really diverse team of psychologists with a broad skill set to make sure we’re equipped to provide therapy services that meet the mental health needs of our local Fremantle community.

This means we’re able to provide empathic, evidence-based and effective psychology and counselling support for children, adolescents, adults, older adults and couples who want or need help to overcome the challenges they’ve been faced with.

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Anxiety Depression Counselling Fremantle

Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

More and more we are finding that children and adolescents are needing support to navigate their way through this challenging stage of life. In particular, kids seem to be struggling with anxiety, low mood, emotional regulation, high school transition, peer relationships and identity.

In supporting children and their families we know that ‘the best intervention is prevention’, which means we recommend seeking support for your parenting, or for your child, when you first notice that they might be experiencing difficulties.

Counselling Services Fremantle

Counselling Services Fremantle

Individual Adult Therapy

Each week we support women and men experiencing anxiety, stress, and low mood. In addition, we work with more specific, chronic or complex issues such as trauma, grief, alcohol dependence, disordered eating, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, and personality-based problems.

Our psychologists use a range of therapeutic approaches to meet the preferences and needs of our clients such as psychodynamic, attachment-based, family systems, interpersonal, schema, cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness-based, somatic psychotherapies, art therapy and more...

Couples Counselling Fremantle

Relationship and Couples Counselling

Satisfying relationships are central to good mental health and often they are right at the centre of our own mental health issues, influencing how we feel about ourselves, and how we feel about others in our world.

If you are feeling socially isolated or experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner or others, we can work with you individually, or as a couple to develop a deeper understanding of your attachment dynamics and how to create greater authenticity, intimacy and support in your important relationships.

Mindfulness Meditation Fremantle

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves becoming more aware or ‘mindful’ of what’s going on internally and around us, in the present moment.  It sounds challenging but in reality the techniques can be easy to learn and have been shown scientifically to help reduce anxiety, stress and low mood by calming the body, and developing greater self-compassion.

Some of our therapy clients attend mindfulness sessions in addition to their psychotherapy, but not everyone wants to do ‘talk’ therapy and mindfulness sessions are a great alternative. 

Clinical Psychologist Telehealth Counselling

Telehealth Counselling

Did you know that people living in rural and remote areas can now access Medicare rebates for video-linked counselling sessions provided by a psychologist? While all of our psychologists live and work in and around Fremantle, we’re each committed to ensuring that everyone in Australia has access to excellent psychological support.

Call us to find out whether you qualify and how you can be supported by one of our psychologists remotely.

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