We’ve made it even easier for your patients

to access the treatment they need.



So many patients report having felt too anxious or depressed to call us at the time of receiving their GP referral and so they don’t get the help they need as quickly as they could.

To overcome this obstacle to help-seeking our referrers can now submit an instant online request during their patient consultation and have us call their patient directly.

By having us call them, the first and often hardest step for patients experiencing mental health issues is removed, and better ensures they get access to the care they need when they need it.

If you’d like us to contact your patient, simply click on the button “PLEASE CALL MY PATIENT” and provide us with your patient’s details and their consent for us to call them.

Please note, all patients referrals are triaged by our practice manager in consultation with myself, Rachael O’Byrne to ensure that they are booked in to see the psychologist best suited to treat them.

We look forward to providing your patient with the best of psychological care in Fremantle, aimed at helping them better understand what’s going on, and how they can feel better.

 “I would like to personally thank Rachael O'Byrne and her caring team at Fremantle Clinical Psychology and Counselling for their great work. Referrals are quickly attended to and triaged carefully so that the the individual patient sees the most appropriate therapist to support their needs.

Their experienced psychologists have a broad skill set and are well equipped to work with teens and adults experiencing a broad range of mental health concerns and emotional dysregulation.

We find patients are seen quickly and with flexible consultation times. We have had wonderful feedback about the psychologists at Fremantle Clinical Psychology and Counselling whom we can happily recommend.”

Dr Catherine Douglass (Principal, Ellen Health)

Fremantle Clinical Psychologist

Your patient is in good hands with us.

Our clinical team value interdisciplinary practice and are committed to providing initial and ongoing professional communication with our referrers to ensure optimum collaborative care for your patients. 

We share rooms with Fremantle Psychiatry and can assist with specialist psychiatric care if required.

Our practice principal Rachael O’Byrne is always available to discuss your patient’s specific needs and answer any questions that you might have at anytime.