Rachael O'Byrne - Clinical Psychologist

Rachael O’Byrne, Clinical Psychologist Fremantle

Rachael O'Byrne

B.A.Psych (Hons), M.App.Psych (Clinical), MAPS

Clinical Psychologist
Works with: Adults & Parents of adult children

Rachael is a Clinical Psychologist with over a decade of clinical training and experience in the field of psychology.  She has lectured in Abnormal Psychology at Murdoch University, published in peer-reviewed journals, and worked in a multidisciplinary psychiatric team at the Abbotsford Private Hospital, where she developed and facilitated depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma therapy group programs for women and men.

Rachael provides individual therapy for adults experiencing a broad range of acute, chronic and complex mental health and relationship issues.  She is particularly interested in the treatment of attachment-based issues that impact upon our capacity for intimate connection with ourselves and others, and often present as mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, substance misuse, sexual dysfunction, and social isolation. 

Rachael values an empathic therapeutic relationship as central to change and uses evidence-based approaches including attachment-based, psychodynamic, emotion-focused and cognitive-behavioural therapies to further support recovery from psychological distress, and the development of healthy and satisfying relationships.

“Even after hundreds of first sessions, I am surprised every time still at how much insight and understanding can be achieved within this first hour of therapy. Perhaps even more surprising is the very noticeable shift clients typically experience from tension and fear to relief and renewed optimism from the process of being seen, heard and supported without judgment.”

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