Kirsty Healy


Kirsty Healey

B.Psych, Assoc. MAPS

Registered Psychologist
Works with adults, adolescents, children +12 years.

Kirsty is a Registered Psychologist with clinical experience working with adults and adolescents presenting with a range of psychological symptoms. These include mood and anxiety distress, interpersonal and identity difficulties, loss and adjustment counselling, alcohol and substance misuse and trauma. Kirsty also has significant experience working within community mental health settings and vocational rehabilitation. She also has experience working with veterans and has developed a deep understanding of the unique complexities they face.

Kirsty prioritizes the therapeutic relationship to create a safe and empathic environment as a base for exploring each clients’ individual challenges and facilitating personal growth. She draws upon evidence-based psychological interventions including CBT, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy and Mindfulness.

Kirsty truly values the role she is invited to take with each client to establish a base of security to allow the client to identify and examine areas of struggle. She utilizes the therapeutic relationship and draws upon the strengths and values within each individual to work towards their goals.

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