Spring is here! Are you ready to bloom?


Spring is here! Are you ready to bloom?

I’m definitely not a winter person, and while we may not live in Iceland, I know for myself, and I know from my clients that the winter blues are still very real for many of us.

By the end of winter we’re typically waiting desperately for the first signs of spring - for me this year that's been the very first leaf on my Silver Birch tree (pictured above)! 

But it’s not just these external signs that get us feeling excited. 

Internally something’s shifting too.  For me, I start to feel more energised, more optimistic, and more serious about making small changes - changes I know I want - or really need - to feel better in myself, my relationships, my work, and my world.  Do you feel like this too? 

Sadly, unlike the changing of the seasons, our own growth isn’t inevitable, and we’ll need more than sunshine and optimism to make change happen. 

So with that in mind, here are my TOP FIVE TIPS for turning your Spring dreams for growth into reality:

  1. Why this goal? And why now? Get really clear about why making this particular change is important to you - why does it matter? Knowing how it aligns with your values will make it much easier to start and stay motivated to follow through.

  2. What are the costs and benefits to you? Try to be as honest as you can about how much not changing is affecting you, or perhaps your relationships. Then, allow yourself to really focus on all of the ways you, and your relationships would benefit. Hold this in mind all the way.

  3. What's likely to get in the way? Make a list of all of the obstacles you'll need to factor in - and overcome. When we know what we're up against (e.g. completely forgetting we'd set the goal!), we can plan ahead (e.g. set that alarm as many times as you need to).

  4. How will you know when you’ve achieved it? We need to know when we’ve nailed what we're working on, so it's important to get really specific. For example, “spend more time with my kids” might become “play games with my kids for 30 minutes each night"; “start doing yoga" might become ”go to yoga twice a week"; and “cut down on drinking” might become “no alcohol on weeknights”. Don't forget - change can be hard and success really does breed success, so start small and increase your goals slowly.

  5. Do you need external accountability? (I do!). Be brave and tell someone what you’re committing to, or join forces with a friend to improve your chances of keeping on track. It really does help.

And know this: Creating meaningful change is never linear! Setbacks are almost always inevitable and should be expected, it's really not just you. So if and when it happens - be kind, take a breath, review steps 1-5 and gently yet firmly re-commit and start again.

You've got this! And we're here beside you cheering.

Rachael & the team